October, 2017

Fall Updates from Hale Kau Kau

Highlights from Hale Kau Kau—


As this week has quickly passed, I wanted to share how we at HKK hope to recognize and support our Holy Father as he speaks to us: "To all people (of the U.S.) I ask: take care of the migrant who is a promise of life for the future. ..." the pope said Oct. 26,2017.


During the first Fiscal Quarter of 2017-2018 a total of nearly 13, 500 meals to our home bound and needy to attend our nightly dinner. This is a significant increase from the same period last year.  A total of 4,520 Meals were served to the homebound and the unsheltered in September of 2017


Great Community Service by the Wailea Beach Resort, Maui Marriott -

Are you a hotel employee? You might not be aware of the strong emphasis most of our resorts place on community service and giving back to the community that they support. Each month, several local restaurants donate to our kitchen, and offer a wide variety of healthy and often gourmet foods to our guests. This month’s visit from the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort and Spa culinary  team brought us Chicken Oregano, chocolate cake and a wonderful salad. Arriving with vans filled with insulated carts holding prepared lunch items, the Marriott brought everything into our Kitchen and helped prepare the home-bound meals as well as serve from the window.

Mahalo to Eric Duff and Team!